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Myth into Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Legend into Film - Essay Example This paper will exhaustively investigate the similitudes and distinction between the two and my conclusion of what each creator is attempting to bring out in their story. In spite of Euripides Medea and Dassin’s A Dream of Passion’s various settings, they have a few similitudes. Both Medea and A Dream of Passion, follow the stories of ladies who are constrained by conditions to murder their kids, conceived and unborn, to fulfill their inclinations. The two stories show high feelings of adoration, enthusiasm and retaliation. In Euripides’ play, Medea, the hero Medea is such a great amount in adoration with her significant other Jason. She feels very sold out by her better half when she learns of his unfaithfulness and plans to wed Creons girl. She can't hold up under her husband’s double-crossing and feels an incredible want to complete retribution on him. Creon, then again, foresees Medea to fight back. To shield his little girl from Medea’s fury; he chooses to send Medea into banish. In the long run, Medea prevails with regards to executing Glauce, Creon and her three kids. She delivers unfathomable agony on her bet ter half by the killings, yet additionally by her choice to get away to Athens with the cadavers of her kids. Jason’s selling out of her affection drives her to perpetrate such horrifying wrongdoings. Like in Medea, A Dream of Passion presents a comparative situation. Maya experiences a similar circumstance as Medea yet in an alternate setting. In A Dream of Passion, The character, Brenda speaks to the genuine Medea, and she slaughtered her three kids to do vindicate on her better half. In any case, Maya’s likenesses to Medea are carried out through her communications with Brenda. Like Brenda slaughtered her youngsters, Maya did a premature birth. Therefore they are both equivalent in that they murdered notwithstanding the thought process behind their killings. Brenda murdered for retribution while Maya slaughtered to be a star, to be a VIP, prosperous and autonomous.

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Compare and Contrast Between MS Word and Openoffice Writer

Question: Examine about the Compare and Contrast Between MS Word and Openoffice Writer. Answer: Presentation The said report is being set up for my boss who is thinking about appropriation of work area application and thus needs to comprehend which one would be better as far as usefulness and the simplicity of its utilization. The two items that are being considered are MS Word and Open Office Writer. Anyway before these two items can be contrasted it is significant with think quickly about these two application programming. MS Word is the truncated variant of Microsoft Office, is a graphical word preparing application which empowers clients to type content in English or such different dialects. Word records empower clients to send messages or type content archives easily. It is a piece of the Microsoft Office Suite. Like the said application bundle is the OpenOffice Writer which has a place with the OpenOffice programming bundle. The equivalent is good with different working frameworks, for example, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Solaris. It was out under the conditions of the Apache License. Conversation The said conversation heads towards looking at the two application frameworks for example MS Word and OpenOffice Writer with respects the capacities it performs and the simplicity of its ease of use as separated from the cost factor. These two elements assume an extremely unequivocal job with respects which application to introduce. As a matter of first importance it is to be comprehended that the application that we picked should bolster both more seasoned variants of the PCs and workstations and the more current forms also. The OpenOffice proposes more prominent help for the PCs with more established forms when contrasted with the most recent releases of Microsoft Office. Office 2003 characterizes that its base spec is a Pentium 450 MHz with 256 MB RAM while OpenOffice records a Pentium 166 MHz processor with 128 MB RAM. As expressed before OpenOffice runs well on Linux and similar runs even more easily with more established frameworks which Windows 2000 or XP doesnt. Anyway when looked at premise its convenience, any representative who has utilized MS Word will think that its simple to work with Writer too. The underlying interface of OpenOffice was not easy to understand but rather its more up to date form 2.0 has embraced a page from Microsoft Book, consequently guaranteeing that the interface presently is an increasingly natural one. Exchanging over from MS Word to OpenOffice Writer would resemble moving from the Office 2000 form of MS Word to Office 2003 variant of MS Word. The distinction between the two applications is minor yet the theoretical structure is same. Focussing on explicit capacities performed by these applications and the ones which are a piece of the every day utilization of the association the contrast between the two will empower my boss to settle on the choice. STYLE: The Style work encourages the clients to characterize the organizations they need in their content or passage once and afterward apply it to the whole record. MS Word permits a similar capacity and whenever done physically likewise it just prompts penance of a tad of time. Anyway if there should be an occurrence of OpenOffice Writer the said circumstance isn't the equivalent. On the off chance that the equivalent is done physically in Writer, at that point the undertaking is progressively arduous and bulky in this way powers the clients to do arranging of a record with styles as it were. Further the page style work in a Writer is explicitly helpful for the originators and not for the ones who know the nuts and bolts of the PCs. Be that as it may, in inconsistency to the equivalent the page plan of MS Word is a lot more straightforward and doesn't stretch out past adding outskirts to the pages and topics for essential page. Along these lines it very well may be said that Writer isn't amazing for the clients who do arranging physically due to the wide utilization of styles however the implementation of style by Writer gives the program the force it needs. While despite the fact that MS Word has an improved rendition of arranging yet it is restricted and less ground-breaking when contrasted with the Writer. The two figures beneath show the window of MS Word and OpenOffice Writer individually. Formats: Templates are the spared reports with the goal that preparing of different archives should be possible premise those layouts. Despite the fact that similar assists with sparing a ton of time however in MS Word it causes different issues. The alternative with respects arranging is a piece of both the format and the record also. On the off chance that the information in the two spots are not the equivalent, at that point the report is viewed as debased and not of any utilization. Further the said circumstance is confused on account of the way that MS Word permits various layouts to be a piece of a solitary record. The second issue with respects this capacity is that the style capacities gives an alternative to the clients to choose the choice of Add to Template button at whatever point changes are to be made physically (Kath, 2011). Despite the fact that might be that the said include is empowered to keep up a sync between the formats and the archives yet shockingly the equiva lent can prompt reformatting of the record when the client revives the equivalent. In this way it reasons that the default format changes from workstations to workstations. In this way the clients who use MS Word are commonly uncertain of the reality with regards to how a report would look like on another framework. In logical inconsistency to the equivalent the said issues don't happen in OpenOffice Writer. The connection between the layouts and the records are not as close as that in MS Word. Layout is permitted to do just beginning arranging and an association is given which gives the choice of refreshing the archive by rolling out sufficient improvements to the format. In this manner the issue of defilement of document is significantly less in Writer than in Word. TABLES: The said highlight is nearly the equivalent in both the Writer just as MS Word yet the said is less adaptable when contrasted with the Word 2003 component of table. Despite the fact that the table element in Word isn't so indulgent yet the auto designing element of table which the Writer offers is only for and not useful. For instance if a table with five columns is made utilizing auto-design with interchange green and red lines then the said include is effectively appropriate just for those five lines and not for any additional line included further (Rivas, 2016). In any case, it is to be comprehended that Writer performs fundamental estimations in a superior way and its framework is a lot simpler from the clients perspective when contrasted with the MS Words obscure framework (, 2016) HEADERS AND FOOTERS: Unfortunately with respects the said work MS Word is as yet battling by a WYSIWYG treatment. The equivalent is as yet not noticeable effectively on the MS Word window and clients need to investigate an awkward gliding window. Be that as it may, in Writer the equivalent isn't an issue as the header and footer are effectively perceptible in the altering windowpane. Along these lines in Writer, placing in various headers involves characterizing new page styles and moving from one pages header or footer to the next involves moving the cursor or utilizing console alternate routes. In this manner the header and footer of MS Word needs genuine redoing. DRAWING TOOLS: The variant 2.0 of the Writer has a comparative attracting instrument highlight to that of the Word 2003. Both the application offers such drawing apparatuses which empowers clients to perform basic and simple illustrations work. Despite the fact that MS Word has an additional favorable position of Visio being a piece of its Office Suite yet OOo Writer likewise has an unrivaled selection of designs utilized for the most part in its OOo Draw work. Therefore for this situation both remain at a similar page. Records AND TABLE OF CONTENTS: Although both the applications offer clients to make lists and the chapter by chapter list yet more noteworthy number of options are accessible in Writer than in MS Word. For example, Writer offers the clients to partition the records and the table fo substance into sections or set a foundation shading or realistic which isn't permitted by MS Word (ByField, 2005). Subsequently Writer is a superior choice with this see as it offers the clients with a decision of more extensive plans. EMAIL INTEGRATION: The best favorable position the MS Word offers is that of reconciliation of Emails with the Microsoft Outlook which is an email and calendaring bundle . It empowers to send an email straightforwardly from the MS Word and furthermore empowers to see the record legitimately in the Outlook without opening the application. Anyway the equivalent isn't the scene in Writer which permits to email reports however not reviewing (Mal, 2015). For calendaring a different application should be downloaded. End On investigating the above information it is clear that Writer is a stride in front of MS Word in the vast majority of the highlights it offers and the ease of use of the equivalent. Essayist empowers one to make and organization bigger and longer reports simple. The documentation of the has a past of being written in Writer itself on account of which the software engineers have an additional bit of leeway of including different apparatuses as required. This is the thing that makes the Writer better than contenders, for example, MS Word. Besides it is inappropriate to state that Writer is impeccable in all setting as so as to duplicate the component of MS Word numerous significant highlights get covered up. The equivalent is performing exceptionally when contrasted with MS Word and in thinking about the prerequisites of our office, I would propose that we should switch over to OpenOffice Writer as it would assist us with creating and organization bigger archives effortlessly. Time is likewise equal to cash in todays situation and straightforwardness is the thing that all clients gaze upward to, subsequently keeping these two significant ideas exchanging over to OpenOffice Writer is better. References: ByField, B., (2005), Writer versus Microsoft Word, Available at versus microsoft-word (Accessed 02nd December 2016) Kath, B., (2011), Difference between Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and Google Doc, Available at between-microsoft-word.html (Accessed 02nd December 2016) Mal, B., (2015), MS Office Vs Open Office, Available at open-mal-b (Accessed 02nd December 2016) Rivas, D., (2016), Microsoft Off

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Social Work Direct Practice Skills Example

Social Work Direct Practice Skills Example Social Work Direct Practice Skills â€" Assignment Example > Summary of the recordingThe summary recoding process will try to summarize all the activities that were undertaken during the whole interview session. In order to incorporate all the thoughts and feelings that are presented in the interview, then the summary recording process will be adopted. The summary recording focuses on four major parts namely the subjective, objective, assessment and finally the plan and it is for this reason that it has gain the acronym of SOAP. It was developed and first adopted in the 1960s by several health professionals since it helps to provide a snapshot of the whole session. The subjective part of the summary focuses on the gathering of information from the clients. In this way, the interviewer is able to gather information about some important aspects of the clients such as the reasons that made the client to come for the therapy. It is also possible in this case to understand the opinion of the client in terms of their view of the current problem a ffecting them, to what extent the problem is affecting them and finally, what they expect to gain from attending the service being provided. Here the relevant information needs to be collected but it should be as brief as possible. Similarly, it is important that the information being provided in this case to include any referrals that have been made to the client by others. in this interview, the interviewer made the subjective collection of information very effective and efficient since it only takes very little time. In the same way, the interviewer is able to gain information on the issues that brought them for the service, what they seek to achieve and the client also made it clear that she had been referred for the service by her younger sister. The objective summary in this case tries to gather the facts that are already known. The facts need to be identified from observations and the client should try to shed more light on the problem that they are facing in this case. Sim ilarly, it is also important that the client is assured of protection from the opinions and facts that they will discuss during the session. In the recording provided, the interviewer tries to remain neutral to the facts that are provided in the case. She does not make any form of judgemental calls or any form of labels. This improves the comfort of the client and she is able to open up more during the session. The interviewer also tries to push for facts to be developed during the session. She asks the client to try and provide information on the facts that she has been observing that are not normal. Some of the observable evidence that is collected in this case includes the fact that the client’s sister has seen change in her emotions and she encourages her to seek professional help. Similarly, the client also observes that her friends have been discussing her behind her back. This made her uncomfortable and she has of late been staying indoors rather than spending her leisure and free time with her friends. Similarly, since she was living far from her parents, they had grown distant with them and she did not have the courage to face them and inform them of their problems. So the only person in her life that she could share her issues with was her younger sister.

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I Am An Efficient Editor - 1779 Words

Poetry has always intrigued me due to its musical nature. I appreciate the pairing of figurative language and ambiguity to express emotions and personal experiences in a distinct, original way. Over the past few years, I have written a lot of poems and lyrics as a means of sorting my thoughts and dealing with overwhelming emotions. Entering the course, I knew my struggles would not lie in writing poetry, but rather, through deciphering the meanings behind others’ poems. I questioned my ability to annotate poems and write about them in an academic format. In my self-assessment, I identified my greatest writing weakness as â€Å"my inability to be concise† because I think of numerous ways to express [an idea or thought] and have trouble†¦show more content†¦Looking over my writing preps from the semester, I am able to see how much I have grown in my ability to analyze prose and poetry. In writing prep #1, we were asked to perform a rhetorical analysis of Billy C ollins’ â€Å"Poetry, Pleasure, and the Hedonist Reader†. Even though I was often asked to perform â€Å"close readings† in high school, through making observations about an author’s writing and identifying how the text interacts with the audience, I came into WR 100 still intimidated by the process of criticizing another author’s work. In writing prep #1, I opened my analysis saying, â€Å"Billy Collins is the best-selling poet since Robert E Frost, giving his writing substantial credibility,† which now, seems like impertinent information to the overall purpose of a rhetorical analysis (citation). I also stated, â€Å"Collins’ piece on poetry and its significant influence on the human mind does a superb job of describing the pleasures that accompany it and why humans have been drawn to it for so long† (citation). Although I do say that Collins’ piece successfully achieves what he set out to accomplish, I do not explore or explain the rhetoric behind his success. Primarily, I focused on what the over-arching message of the text was, rather than making specific observations about what was being said and why. Compared to my more recent writing preps, and even to writing prep #2, there was great improvement in the thoroughness and depth

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Information Of Brazil And Its Effects On America And The...

Information of Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: Repà ºblica Federativa does Brasil) is the largest country in both the South America and the Latin American regions. Independence was achieved in 1822 with the many creation of the Empire of Brazil. The federation is composed for the union of the Federal District, the 26 states, and the 5,570 municipalities. Manufacturing sector: †¢ Brazil s manufacturing industries are driven by the expansion of the domestic market and a stable internal market. †¢ The FMCG industry has being growing steadily in the last decade mainly because the growth for the middle class population. The key companies in these industries are players such as Nestle with other 31 different plants in Brazil and†¦show more content†¦Agriculture sector: †¢ Agriculture business is one of Brazil’s largest economic sectors, and is forecasted to grow by an average of 3.2% annually between 2015 and 2019. †¢ Brazil is the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee, sugar and frozen concentrate orange juice, and the second for soybeans, tobacco, beef and poultry. †¢ Agriculture represents 5.5% of the Brazilian economy and employees 15% of the workforce, approximately 10 million people. Brazil is often called as a food basket of the world and for good reason, many of the products you take for granted are actually produced in Brazil. E-Governance: †¢ E-government is becoming increasingly crucial to Brazil’s development as the country needs to improve the efficiency of transport and logistics. †¢ E-government solutions facilitate trade, both internationally and within the vast country, and it is help to speed up processes, thereby increasing the ease of doing the business. Major imports of Brazil: Particulars Of Total Imports (%) Crude oil 6.2% Automotives 5.3% Liquid oils 3.5% Auto parts 2.8% Drugs and medicine 2.6% Naphtha 2.1% Electronic components 1.9% Bituminous coal 1.9% Reception and transmission parts 1.6% Potassium chloride 1.5% Major exports of Brazil Particulars Of Total Exports (%) Ores, slag and ash 12.6% Mineral fuels including oil 11.2% Oil seed 10.4% Meat 6.8% Machinery 5.7% Vehicles excluding trains and streetcars 4.4% Sugar, sugar confectionery 4.3% Iron and

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Cooperative Learning Is Defined As An Interdependent Group Education Essay Free Essays

Dahley ( 1994 ) identifies classroom needs that advance a comfy concerted acquisition environment in schools. Using the concerted acquisition scheme increases pupil accomplishment, societal accomplishments, post-school success, and the use of resources. Research supports this scheme as an engaging environment for the scholar ensuing in higher academic accomplishment and self-pride in pupils. We will write a custom essay sample on Cooperative Learning Is Defined As An Interdependent Group Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now This in bend increases the overall satisfaction of larning in pupils and promotes the desire to accomplish, every bit good as creates practical accomplishments needed in the concern universe. Johnson A ; Johnson ( n.d. ) advocate the usage of concerted acquisition in any type of course of study that group work is executable. The standards for effectual execution in any schoolroom include the alteration of bing resources as one of the foundations for this scheme. Furthermore, the instructor is required to understand the demands environing the course of study, capable, and pupils. This will let for the appraisal of effectual heterogenous grouping constructions within the schoolroom. There are five indispensable constituents presented for instructors to see when organizing concerted acquisition groups. The first is group size. Small groups of two to five are most effectual, particularly with heterogenous grouping. The 2nd constituent is group map. Functionality of a group involves coaction, job resolution, treatments, brainstorming, and sharing resources to get at a reciprocally good finish. Another of import facet is group norms, which are cultivated over clip by making th e groups and keeping them to the criterions of mutuality for accomplishment. Next, group accomplishments are required to be taught throughout the procedure. Teaching and reenforcing the coveted accomplishments of teamwork, back uping others in the group, credence, positive interactions, and struggle declaration will non merely assist the pupils understand what is expected of them in their groups, but these accomplishments besides transfer to other countries such as the schoolroom, school, and community. Finally, ends and regulations are to be communicated clearly to the pupils. This is of import for group building every bit good as the activities the groups must carry through together. Kagan ( 1994 ) focuses on prosecuting mutuality that involves all pupils hand in glove and non competitively. Grouping should be structured to profit all group members every bit and use the different strengths of each member to counterbalance for any lacks. When instructors create a concerted acquisition environment to show lesson stuff to carefully selected heterogenous groups, the cooperation of pupils will increase and competitory behaviours become diminished. Even though competition is a normal behaviour exhibited by pupils, inordinate usage of competition can sabotage accomplishment in the schoolroom. Cooperation does non exhibit this quality. It enhances larning by making a structured acquisition environment that requires the pupil to be an active participant in the acquisition procedure, as opposed to a inactive perceiver in a schoolroom. Reducing competition in the schoolroom besides provides an chance for ELL pupils to take hazards they usually would non. Concerted acquisiti on is motivational for ELL pupils as it gives multiple positions within the group, it leads to deeper apprehension of the stuff, and it allows them to build cognition by detecting other pupils using higher-level thought ( Colorado, 2007 ) . The effectual execution of concerted acquisition entails five elements. The first component, positive mutuality, ensures the trust on each group member to finish the undertakings. Face-to-face interaction is the 2nd, and it requires each group member to interact personally with each member in a positive mode. Following, the answerability of each group member assures that the 3rd component of single engagement is met. The 4th, societal accomplishments, builds the environment for larning the necessary accomplishments throughout the interactions of the group every bit good as heightening accomplishments brought in from the members. Finally, group processing assesses the group through the positive and negative sentiments of the group members ( Dahley, 1994, Johnson A ; Johnson, n.d. , Kagan, 1994 ) . The fortunes that allow for the usage of this scheme are illimitable. From pre-school to high school, the group interaction creates an mutuality that promotes socially responsible behaviour and increased accomplishment. When this attack is used to better linguistic communication accomplishments, the pupils have the ability to believe at a higher degree, hear and discourse the sentiments of other pupils, and associate the stuff to their lives in a more echt manner. An illustration of an activity affecting this scheme is the Think-Pair-Share activity ( Kagan, 1994 ) . The pupils begin by working separately on the inquiries that are given for a specific subject, such as designation and comparing of characters in a book the category is reading. After about 10 proceedingss, the pupils are grouped in braces where they discuss the replies to their inquiries with each other. After about five proceedingss, the braces so portion their replies with other squads or the whole group. This scheme h elps ELL pupils communicate what they are believing to a schoolmate in a less baleful environment and acquire the position of other pupils. Concerted grouping has many different attacks. Groups can be little as braces or big as required to run into the aims of the instructional activity. Ideally, they should incorporate three to five heterogenous pupils for the bulk of activities assigned. Homogeneous grouping, or ability grouping, can hold some benefits but is by and large best to be used meagerly, particularly with ELL pupils. Grouping ELL pupils homogeneously will non let for linguistic communication growing, as they will non hold entree to the equal patterning necessary to increase their linguistic communication accomplishments. Randomly puting pupils in groups can be effectual every bit long as all groups can run into the instructional ends of the activity, and there is a low incidence of ELL pupils in the schoolroom. Effective arrangement in heterogenous groups requires instructors to be cognizant of the ability degrees and societal accomplishments of the pupils in order to fit up complimentary accomplishments. Concerted grouping used to assist pupils with written look helps pupils derive experience by working through the authorship procedure. This is particularly good to ELL pupils. The instructor can make assorted ability groups where the stronger authors are able to assist the weaker 1s. Groups can be created to get down the authorship procedure with prewriting, which calls for brainstorming subject thoughts. All pupils can easy lend to this measure. After pupils have selected a subject, they can compose their rough bill of exchange in braces. When it is clip for alteration and redaction, group members take bends reading the documents and adding remarks, inquiries, or corrections as needed until the concluding bill of exchange is completed. This gives pupils the experience of reading the documents of other pupils as the composing procedure unfolds and the chance to better their ain authorship accomplishments through equal ratings. Working in little groups can assist ELL pupils larn how to work together and convey out larning chances that may hold been missed by independent work entirely. When pupils have a clear common end to work toward they can utilize their accomplishments to assist each other learn ( Gootman, 2001 ) . By promoting effectual communicating between equals to work out jobs in a safe orderly environment, a instructor is promoting societal growing and acquisition every bit good as academic accomplishment. As pupils learn to interact efficaciously with other pupils, accepting and lending different thoughts from the group as a whole it non merely builds assurance in the pupil socially, it strengthens the sense of accomplishment in academic undertakings. For ELL pupils, this provides a safe acquisition environment for them to larn and spread out their cognitive linguistic communication accomplishments within a societal context. Using concerted larning groups non merely develops psychosocial accomplishments in a safe and controlled environment, but besides creates state of affairss for ELL pupils to develop their linguistic communication accomplishments through equal mold. Cooperative acquisition allows ELL pupils who may non understand a given assignment to acquire aid from equals who do. Most pupils enjoy group work, and when they work in groups it can be a manner to promote them to take part in a undertaking that may be otherwise disputing or hard for them. The drawback to this is that some pupils can merely let the others to make their work for them, but if the instructor is watching closely, it should be evident who is lending and who is non and the instructor can step in as needed. There is a high degree of pupil battle with concerted grouping. All of the pupils have a undertaking and actively concentrate on making their portion. They can utilize thoughts from each other to come up with a solution to their group job. Concerted behaviours occur when the pupils who are more knowing aid those who are fighting in order to finish the undertaking as a group. This allows ELL pupils to construct their linguistic communication accomplishments. How to cite Cooperative Learning Is Defined As An Interdependent Group Education Essay, Essay examples

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Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Essay Example

Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Paper The duration of this experiment it is a must to wear safety glasses and lab coat at all times during the lab, even when not working directly with the chemicals r apparatus. 2. Do not touch the apparatus, during the experiment it may still be which further can lead to burns. 3. Be careful around the Bunsen burner, even when switched off they may still be hot! 4. Do not inhale the magnesium ribbon. 5. Do not touch the magnesium ribbon. 6. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling any chemicals. Procedure: 1 . Record the mass of a clean, dry crucible with its lid. Handle the crucible with tongs, not your fingers, to avoid moisture and oil from your fingers being transferred. ) 2. Use fine sand paper to scrape the oxide coating from the surface f a strip of magnesium ribbon approximately 2 CM length. Cut the ribbon into small pieces, place in the crucible, and weigh the crucible, its lid and contents. 3. Heat the crucible in a hot flame for 10 minutes, ensuring that th e magnesium is exposed to air but that no solid escapes. After this time the magnesium should have been converted too white powder. 4. On the electronic balance there maybe leftover substance or tiny materials accounting for total weight of the crucible with magnesium ribbon inside the crucible, with the lid on it Qualitative Observations: Magnesium Qualitative Observations (Not the actual photos of the experiment) Before Heating During Heating After Heating Color Metallic Orange Flame White Light **at different duration of the experiment** White Powder Appearance Shiny thin sheet of ribbon, with an dark grey line in the middle. The magnesium ribbon starts to transform from a shiny metallic color to a white color. Cracks are observed in the white magnesium powder. Data Processing Presentation: Processed Data table The mass of magnesium is deduced by subtracting the mass of the crucible and the lid from the mass of the crucible and the lid with magnesium in the crucible before the heating process. Average of mass of magnesium: Crucible + Lid + Magnesium) ? (Crucible + Lid) Average of mass of magnesium 0. 036Â ± 0. Egg The mass of oxygen is deduced by subtracting before heating total mass of the crucible and the lid with magnesium in the crucible from the after heating process total mass of the crucible and the lid magnesium in the crucible before the heating process. Average of mass of magnesium = 0. 02 grams Conclusion Evaluation: Conclusion: Evaluation: = 00000 x 100 Random error is an error in measurement caused by factors that vary from one measurement to another. When the crucible was weighed with the lid and with r without the substances, we should of kept the same person weigh to keep a constant circumstance and methods used during the experiment and the electronic balancer should be kept the same, to reduce any random error by changing the electronic balancer. We will write a custom essay sample on Magnesium Oxide Lab Report specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Magnesium Oxide Lab Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Magnesium Oxide Lab Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Repeat measurements during experiments, to reduce random error enough to get a normal distribution. Mean values will be close to the actual value, which helps reduce random error. Systematic error is where something has gone wrong with the measuring device or method. To reduce systematic error we should apply the correct methods and be thorough tit the procedure for the experiment, be aware requirements of the lab and take precaution during the lab with methods applied during the experiment. To determine systematic error it most obvious in a graph within outlier in the graph. Outlier represents the systematic error. In this case if I were to determine a systematic error during the lab I would consider making a graph which would represent the data collected during the experiment. I should keep these systematic and random errors in my mind when conducting my next experiment to stop these errors to occur again in the experiment.