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I Am An Efficient Editor - 1779 Words

Poetry has always intrigued me due to its musical nature. I appreciate the pairing of figurative language and ambiguity to express emotions and personal experiences in a distinct, original way. Over the past few years, I have written a lot of poems and lyrics as a means of sorting my thoughts and dealing with overwhelming emotions. Entering the course, I knew my struggles would not lie in writing poetry, but rather, through deciphering the meanings behind others’ poems. I questioned my ability to annotate poems and write about them in an academic format. In my self-assessment, I identified my greatest writing weakness as â€Å"my inability to be concise† because I think of numerous ways to express [an idea or thought] and have trouble†¦show more content†¦Looking over my writing preps from the semester, I am able to see how much I have grown in my ability to analyze prose and poetry. In writing prep #1, we were asked to perform a rhetorical analysis of Billy C ollins’ â€Å"Poetry, Pleasure, and the Hedonist Reader†. Even though I was often asked to perform â€Å"close readings† in high school, through making observations about an author’s writing and identifying how the text interacts with the audience, I came into WR 100 still intimidated by the process of criticizing another author’s work. In writing prep #1, I opened my analysis saying, â€Å"Billy Collins is the best-selling poet since Robert E Frost, giving his writing substantial credibility,† which now, seems like impertinent information to the overall purpose of a rhetorical analysis (citation). I also stated, â€Å"Collins’ piece on poetry and its significant influence on the human mind does a superb job of describing the pleasures that accompany it and why humans have been drawn to it for so long† (citation). Although I do say that Collins’ piece successfully achieves what he set out to accomplish, I do not explore or explain the rhetoric behind his success. Primarily, I focused on what the over-arching message of the text was, rather than making specific observations about what was being said and why. Compared to my more recent writing preps, and even to writing prep #2, there was great improvement in the thoroughness and depth

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Information Of Brazil And Its Effects On America And The...

Information of Brazil Federative Republic of Brazil (Portuguese: Repà ºblica Federativa does Brasil) is the largest country in both the South America and the Latin American regions. Independence was achieved in 1822 with the many creation of the Empire of Brazil. The federation is composed for the union of the Federal District, the 26 states, and the 5,570 municipalities. Manufacturing sector: †¢ Brazil s manufacturing industries are driven by the expansion of the domestic market and a stable internal market. †¢ The FMCG industry has being growing steadily in the last decade mainly because the growth for the middle class population. The key companies in these industries are players such as Nestle with other 31 different plants in Brazil and†¦show more content†¦Agriculture sector: †¢ Agriculture business is one of Brazil’s largest economic sectors, and is forecasted to grow by an average of 3.2% annually between 2015 and 2019. †¢ Brazil is the world’s largest producer and exporter of coffee, sugar and frozen concentrate orange juice, and the second for soybeans, tobacco, beef and poultry. †¢ Agriculture represents 5.5% of the Brazilian economy and employees 15% of the workforce, approximately 10 million people. Brazil is often called as a food basket of the world and for good reason, many of the products you take for granted are actually produced in Brazil. E-Governance: †¢ E-government is becoming increasingly crucial to Brazil’s development as the country needs to improve the efficiency of transport and logistics. †¢ E-government solutions facilitate trade, both internationally and within the vast country, and it is help to speed up processes, thereby increasing the ease of doing the business. Major imports of Brazil: Particulars Of Total Imports (%) Crude oil 6.2% Automotives 5.3% Liquid oils 3.5% Auto parts 2.8% Drugs and medicine 2.6% Naphtha 2.1% Electronic components 1.9% Bituminous coal 1.9% Reception and transmission parts 1.6% Potassium chloride 1.5% Major exports of Brazil Particulars Of Total Exports (%) Ores, slag and ash 12.6% Mineral fuels including oil 11.2% Oil seed 10.4% Meat 6.8% Machinery 5.7% Vehicles excluding trains and streetcars 4.4% Sugar, sugar confectionery 4.3% Iron and

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Cooperative Learning Is Defined As An Interdependent Group Education Essay Free Essays

Dahley ( 1994 ) identifies classroom needs that advance a comfy concerted acquisition environment in schools. Using the concerted acquisition scheme increases pupil accomplishment, societal accomplishments, post-school success, and the use of resources. Research supports this scheme as an engaging environment for the scholar ensuing in higher academic accomplishment and self-pride in pupils. We will write a custom essay sample on Cooperative Learning Is Defined As An Interdependent Group Education Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now This in bend increases the overall satisfaction of larning in pupils and promotes the desire to accomplish, every bit good as creates practical accomplishments needed in the concern universe. Johnson A ; Johnson ( n.d. ) advocate the usage of concerted acquisition in any type of course of study that group work is executable. The standards for effectual execution in any schoolroom include the alteration of bing resources as one of the foundations for this scheme. Furthermore, the instructor is required to understand the demands environing the course of study, capable, and pupils. This will let for the appraisal of effectual heterogenous grouping constructions within the schoolroom. There are five indispensable constituents presented for instructors to see when organizing concerted acquisition groups. The first is group size. Small groups of two to five are most effectual, particularly with heterogenous grouping. The 2nd constituent is group map. Functionality of a group involves coaction, job resolution, treatments, brainstorming, and sharing resources to get at a reciprocally good finish. Another of import facet is group norms, which are cultivated over clip by making th e groups and keeping them to the criterions of mutuality for accomplishment. Next, group accomplishments are required to be taught throughout the procedure. Teaching and reenforcing the coveted accomplishments of teamwork, back uping others in the group, credence, positive interactions, and struggle declaration will non merely assist the pupils understand what is expected of them in their groups, but these accomplishments besides transfer to other countries such as the schoolroom, school, and community. Finally, ends and regulations are to be communicated clearly to the pupils. This is of import for group building every bit good as the activities the groups must carry through together. Kagan ( 1994 ) focuses on prosecuting mutuality that involves all pupils hand in glove and non competitively. Grouping should be structured to profit all group members every bit and use the different strengths of each member to counterbalance for any lacks. When instructors create a concerted acquisition environment to show lesson stuff to carefully selected heterogenous groups, the cooperation of pupils will increase and competitory behaviours become diminished. Even though competition is a normal behaviour exhibited by pupils, inordinate usage of competition can sabotage accomplishment in the schoolroom. Cooperation does non exhibit this quality. It enhances larning by making a structured acquisition environment that requires the pupil to be an active participant in the acquisition procedure, as opposed to a inactive perceiver in a schoolroom. Reducing competition in the schoolroom besides provides an chance for ELL pupils to take hazards they usually would non. Concerted acquisiti on is motivational for ELL pupils as it gives multiple positions within the group, it leads to deeper apprehension of the stuff, and it allows them to build cognition by detecting other pupils using higher-level thought ( Colorado, 2007 ) . The effectual execution of concerted acquisition entails five elements. The first component, positive mutuality, ensures the trust on each group member to finish the undertakings. Face-to-face interaction is the 2nd, and it requires each group member to interact personally with each member in a positive mode. Following, the answerability of each group member assures that the 3rd component of single engagement is met. The 4th, societal accomplishments, builds the environment for larning the necessary accomplishments throughout the interactions of the group every bit good as heightening accomplishments brought in from the members. Finally, group processing assesses the group through the positive and negative sentiments of the group members ( Dahley, 1994, Johnson A ; Johnson, n.d. , Kagan, 1994 ) . The fortunes that allow for the usage of this scheme are illimitable. From pre-school to high school, the group interaction creates an mutuality that promotes socially responsible behaviour and increased accomplishment. When this attack is used to better linguistic communication accomplishments, the pupils have the ability to believe at a higher degree, hear and discourse the sentiments of other pupils, and associate the stuff to their lives in a more echt manner. An illustration of an activity affecting this scheme is the Think-Pair-Share activity ( Kagan, 1994 ) . The pupils begin by working separately on the inquiries that are given for a specific subject, such as designation and comparing of characters in a book the category is reading. After about 10 proceedingss, the pupils are grouped in braces where they discuss the replies to their inquiries with each other. After about five proceedingss, the braces so portion their replies with other squads or the whole group. This scheme h elps ELL pupils communicate what they are believing to a schoolmate in a less baleful environment and acquire the position of other pupils. Concerted grouping has many different attacks. Groups can be little as braces or big as required to run into the aims of the instructional activity. Ideally, they should incorporate three to five heterogenous pupils for the bulk of activities assigned. Homogeneous grouping, or ability grouping, can hold some benefits but is by and large best to be used meagerly, particularly with ELL pupils. Grouping ELL pupils homogeneously will non let for linguistic communication growing, as they will non hold entree to the equal patterning necessary to increase their linguistic communication accomplishments. Randomly puting pupils in groups can be effectual every bit long as all groups can run into the instructional ends of the activity, and there is a low incidence of ELL pupils in the schoolroom. Effective arrangement in heterogenous groups requires instructors to be cognizant of the ability degrees and societal accomplishments of the pupils in order to fit up complimentary accomplishments. Concerted grouping used to assist pupils with written look helps pupils derive experience by working through the authorship procedure. This is particularly good to ELL pupils. The instructor can make assorted ability groups where the stronger authors are able to assist the weaker 1s. Groups can be created to get down the authorship procedure with prewriting, which calls for brainstorming subject thoughts. All pupils can easy lend to this measure. After pupils have selected a subject, they can compose their rough bill of exchange in braces. When it is clip for alteration and redaction, group members take bends reading the documents and adding remarks, inquiries, or corrections as needed until the concluding bill of exchange is completed. This gives pupils the experience of reading the documents of other pupils as the composing procedure unfolds and the chance to better their ain authorship accomplishments through equal ratings. Working in little groups can assist ELL pupils larn how to work together and convey out larning chances that may hold been missed by independent work entirely. When pupils have a clear common end to work toward they can utilize their accomplishments to assist each other learn ( Gootman, 2001 ) . By promoting effectual communicating between equals to work out jobs in a safe orderly environment, a instructor is promoting societal growing and acquisition every bit good as academic accomplishment. As pupils learn to interact efficaciously with other pupils, accepting and lending different thoughts from the group as a whole it non merely builds assurance in the pupil socially, it strengthens the sense of accomplishment in academic undertakings. For ELL pupils, this provides a safe acquisition environment for them to larn and spread out their cognitive linguistic communication accomplishments within a societal context. Using concerted larning groups non merely develops psychosocial accomplishments in a safe and controlled environment, but besides creates state of affairss for ELL pupils to develop their linguistic communication accomplishments through equal mold. Cooperative acquisition allows ELL pupils who may non understand a given assignment to acquire aid from equals who do. Most pupils enjoy group work, and when they work in groups it can be a manner to promote them to take part in a undertaking that may be otherwise disputing or hard for them. The drawback to this is that some pupils can merely let the others to make their work for them, but if the instructor is watching closely, it should be evident who is lending and who is non and the instructor can step in as needed. There is a high degree of pupil battle with concerted grouping. All of the pupils have a undertaking and actively concentrate on making their portion. They can utilize thoughts from each other to come up with a solution to their group job. Concerted behaviours occur when the pupils who are more knowing aid those who are fighting in order to finish the undertaking as a group. This allows ELL pupils to construct their linguistic communication accomplishments. How to cite Cooperative Learning Is Defined As An Interdependent Group Education Essay, Essay examples

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Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Essay Example

Magnesium Oxide Lab Report Paper The duration of this experiment it is a must to wear safety glasses and lab coat at all times during the lab, even when not working directly with the chemicals r apparatus. 2. Do not touch the apparatus, during the experiment it may still be which further can lead to burns. 3. Be careful around the Bunsen burner, even when switched off they may still be hot! 4. Do not inhale the magnesium ribbon. 5. Do not touch the magnesium ribbon. 6. Always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling any chemicals. Procedure: 1 . Record the mass of a clean, dry crucible with its lid. Handle the crucible with tongs, not your fingers, to avoid moisture and oil from your fingers being transferred. ) 2. Use fine sand paper to scrape the oxide coating from the surface f a strip of magnesium ribbon approximately 2 CM length. Cut the ribbon into small pieces, place in the crucible, and weigh the crucible, its lid and contents. 3. Heat the crucible in a hot flame for 10 minutes, ensuring that th e magnesium is exposed to air but that no solid escapes. After this time the magnesium should have been converted too white powder. 4. On the electronic balance there maybe leftover substance or tiny materials accounting for total weight of the crucible with magnesium ribbon inside the crucible, with the lid on it Qualitative Observations: Magnesium Qualitative Observations (Not the actual photos of the experiment) Before Heating During Heating After Heating Color Metallic Orange Flame White Light **at different duration of the experiment** White Powder Appearance Shiny thin sheet of ribbon, with an dark grey line in the middle. The magnesium ribbon starts to transform from a shiny metallic color to a white color. Cracks are observed in the white magnesium powder. Data Processing Presentation: Processed Data table The mass of magnesium is deduced by subtracting the mass of the crucible and the lid from the mass of the crucible and the lid with magnesium in the crucible before the heating process. Average of mass of magnesium: Crucible + Lid + Magnesium) ? (Crucible + Lid) Average of mass of magnesium 0. 036Â ± 0. Egg The mass of oxygen is deduced by subtracting before heating total mass of the crucible and the lid with magnesium in the crucible from the after heating process total mass of the crucible and the lid magnesium in the crucible before the heating process. Average of mass of magnesium = 0. 02 grams Conclusion Evaluation: Conclusion: Evaluation: = 00000 x 100 Random error is an error in measurement caused by factors that vary from one measurement to another. When the crucible was weighed with the lid and with r without the substances, we should of kept the same person weigh to keep a constant circumstance and methods used during the experiment and the electronic balancer should be kept the same, to reduce any random error by changing the electronic balancer. We will write a custom essay sample on Magnesium Oxide Lab Report specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Magnesium Oxide Lab Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Magnesium Oxide Lab Report specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Repeat measurements during experiments, to reduce random error enough to get a normal distribution. Mean values will be close to the actual value, which helps reduce random error. Systematic error is where something has gone wrong with the measuring device or method. To reduce systematic error we should apply the correct methods and be thorough tit the procedure for the experiment, be aware requirements of the lab and take precaution during the lab with methods applied during the experiment. To determine systematic error it most obvious in a graph within outlier in the graph. Outlier represents the systematic error. In this case if I were to determine a systematic error during the lab I would consider making a graph which would represent the data collected during the experiment. I should keep these systematic and random errors in my mind when conducting my next experiment to stop these errors to occur again in the experiment.

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Dreams Essays (944 words) - Dream, Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, Sleep

Dreams Essays (944 words) - Dream, Rapid Eye Movement Sleep, Sleep Dreams DREAMS Dreaming is an experience that has fascinated people for a very long time. Although researches about dreams have been limited in the past, it has developed tremendously in its field of science. There are many explanations why people dream, but there are three main theoretical explanations for why there is dreaming: the biological view, the cognitive view, and the psychoanalytic view. I will be assessing a dream of my own, using all three perspectives. All three views have been debated thoroughly in the past, but it is the psychoanalytic view that has created the most attention to me. In the end, I will show why I find the psychoanalytic view most valuable. I recently had a very simple dream of going fishing with my dad at a lake. The dream was very vivid, in that I went through a series of steps. The initial step was setting up the fishing gear, the second step was the actual fishing, and the last step was catching fish. I frequently have this dream and it has reoccurred throughout my life. Maybe dissecting my dream with these three theories will help explain why I dream of this so frequently. Perhaps one of the most important discoveries for neurobiology of dreams occurred in 1953. It was the discovery of the rapid eye movement(REM)(Piero, 3). REM is a stage of sleep marked by rapid eye movements, high frequency brain waves, and dreaming (Huffman, 144). It is this stage that influenced the coming of the first theory I will talk about, the biological view or also known as the activation-synthesis hypothesis. It was Alan Hobson and Robert W. McCarley in 1977, who showed that most physiological and cognitive characteristics of REM sleep are associated with the same brainstem physiological control system that activates body and mind in the waking state (Antrobus, 2). In other words as certain cells in the sleep center of the brain stem are activated during REM sleep, the brain struggles to make sense out of random stimulation by manufacturing dreams (Huffman, 147). So when I dreamt of fishing on a lake with my dad, my brain was just processing an experience when I was in my w aking state. This seems logical because I frequently go fishing, therefore explaining why I would dream of this particular situation. The second theory explaining dreams is the cognitive view. The cognitive view states that dreams are a form of information processing, that help people sift and sort our experiences, solve problems, and think creatively. That dreams are an extension of everyday lifea form of thinking during sleep (Huffman, 150). One way this view may be applied to my dream was that my brain was trying to solve a problem. The information that it is trying to sort out is how to catch a fish in my dream. It is very clear the steps that I go through are in order to solve a problem. It goes through clear steps of special techniques while fishing and certain setups of the fishing line. These two are very important while fishing that could be the difference between having no fishes to a lot at the end of the day. This would explain why I am constantly dreaming of fishing. I am trying to figure out how to catch a lot of fish. One of the oldest and I find most interesting theory is the psychoanalytic view or called wish fulfillment theory. This theory was presented by Freud, which suggests that dreams are disguised symbols of repressed desires and anxieties (Huffman, 149). What I find interesting about this theory is how it believes that dreams have a direct relationship with peoples wishes. Unfortunately, most people focus on the content of dreams than the form of dreaming. This would impact Freuds work because scientist were looking for the meaning, rather than for the source(Piero, 3). I find this theory most valuable because if the source is suppressed anxieties, and the dreams help your body relieve some, it is very important or else one might have a breakdown. Reasons why I may have manifested fishing on a lake could possibly mean that I am releasing some suppressed desires. Something that would have provoked me to dream

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6 Star Wars Characters You’ll Find in Your Office

6 Star Wars Characters You’ll Find in Your Office Star Wars is a widely popular Sci-Fi classic with larger than life characters. But did you know that pretty much every office ever has people who resemble these characters?  Here  are some of the classic characters you can likely find without ever leaving your  cubicle. 1. The Chewbacca  He’s the guy who uses every excuse to grow a beard and avoid shaving. It’s Movember. It’s the playoffs. It’s Tuesday.2. The Darth VaderDeep in the recesses of your office, there’s an executive so mysterious, so powerful, that his emails keep everyone in line without a peep. Did those interns really go back to school at the end of the summer, or did they run afoul of the Dark Side?3. The C-3POIf you ask this guy why company policy says you’re not allowed to keep a space heater at your desk, expect a long-winded lecture about building circuitry and OSHA regulations. At a social event, this is the person who will happily spend an hour telling you intrica te details about his fantasy baseball stats.4. The Obi-Wan KenobiThis person has been there so long that she has become the default oracle for all things that happened at least two company name changes ago. And if you ask nicely, she can tell you why that weird company policy has been around since 1994.5. The YodaYou email with a straightforward yes/no question, you get back a formal letter with 15 rhetorical questions, 3 anecdotes, and at least one invitation to do discuss the matter further on the phone.6. The Han SoloThis hotshot is the first to complain that there are too many meetings and nothing gets done. He threatens to quit at least once a week, but is always there come Monday morning.

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International Business Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 21

International Business - Essay Example Australia has certainly performed quite remarkably from Asia’s rise. The recent decades have witnessed a dramatic economic progress. According to Meredith and Dyster (1999, 319), the economic growth rates of Australia have surpassed the economic performance of almost all highly industrialized countries and it has prevented three financial slumps that have seriously impacted Japan, Europe, and the United States. Australia is currently placing major emphasis on Asia. It has the benefits of highly literate citizens, advanced infrastructure, and growing Asian immigration that carries with it Asian ties. Furthermore, Australia is a destination for a large number of wealthy Asians who are looking for quality education. In addition, Australia is striving to maintain its position as a location for the regional headquarters of multinational companies (MNCs). Also, Australia is a strategic site for value added operations (e.g. services, distribution, marketing), but certainly not for manufacturing (Meredith & Dyster 1999, 319). In the meantime, the costs of its labor are at present competitive with Asia’s advanced economies, making it more and more appealing for non-manual or professional operations demanding well-educated executive, administrative and employee skills. Moreover, Australia provides accessibility and strength to newly developed and technologically sophisticated goods. On the contrary, the attention of Australian firms is drawn to Asia by geographic proximity, the continuously advancing economies, and the massive population. A number of Australian firms have encountered problems due to their inability to understand the diverse cultures and practices of conducting business in Asia (Czinkota, Ronkainen, & Moffett 2008, 114). Thus, more Australian firms are currently building joint enterprises as a favorable entry approach toward Asia. In addition, numerous of Australia’s major firms, like Lend Lease and Brambles, have adopted